2nd Oct 2015

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Chris Downey 2nd Oct 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Man, I'm cranking these out right now!
...I say right before announcing that I've run out of scripted pages, and it might be a bit before the next page.
Got all that? Good.

So, this Saturday, I'll be participating in 24-Hour Comics Day! For those who don't know, that's a challenge to write and draw a 24 page comic in 24 hours. It's nuts! I finished last time I did it, and I want to do it again. I'll be posting it here, and also Tapastic when it's done (it might take a day or two; I don't think I'll have it scanned for a little while. I'm gonna be tired).

Empires of Steam is also now on Tapastic, if you want to read it there.
Chris Downey 6th Oct 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Okay, I scripted a few pages last night. Should be able to start drawing soon.
Chris Downey 13th Oct 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Next page should be up Thursday or Friday.