4:1 (125)

16th Oct 2015
4:1 (125)

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Chris Downey 16th Oct 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Did a page, yay. I like the colors here.
I'm gonna start naming each page differently than before. See, this is technically the start of the fourth issue (which I figured out way back when I was trying to separate this into issues/chapters/episodes/whatever you want to call 'em), and I honestly like having it separated that way. So you'll have to deal with it.
Also, this page is, like always, also posted over on Tapastic, so go check it out over there if that's a thing you feel inclined to do.
It shouldn't be too long before the next page; I've got it half-pencilled already.


Caley Tibbittz Collopy
I really this page a lot.
Chris Downey 19th Oct 2015 edit delete reply
Chris Downey
I'm going to assume the missing word was "like," in which case, thanks! If it was, y'know, "mega-hate," I'd have to change my response, but I feel safe in ruling that out.