13th Nov 2015

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Chris Downey 13th Nov 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
I updated to OS X El Capitan, and I hate it. It's causing all kind o lag with my tablet, which made this page almost impossible to color, so if it looks less good than usual, that's why.
If anyone know any fixes, that'd be really helpful.

In personal news, I get to meet the AVGN at RetroGamesCon tomorrow! I'm really excited. I've been a fan of his for years. It's really cool to see all these people living off of their own artistic endeavors; I always get really inspired when I think about it.

Like always, Empires of Steam is also available on Tapastic. Thanks for reading!
Chris Downey 14th Nov 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Woah, over 600 visitors and over 1400 views! Thanks for a great day, everyone! The next update is well on its way!
Chris Downey 18th Nov 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Next page is inked! Should be up in a couple days.