18th Dec 2015

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Chris Downey 18th Dec 2015 edit delete
Chris Downey
Oh, hey, look at that! I'm doing pretty good at this updating once a week thing, huh? I never could get the hang of it before.
Anyway! I like this page. It looks pretty good. Especially that middle panel. Especially that robot. Especially that chef's hat on that robot.


jeryk 23rd Dec 2015 edit delete reply
Greetings from tropical IL! :)-
Have enjoyed reading thru your story, I appreciate the effort!
Sooo, your story is in 'alternate" Earth? I suspect you might be in Denver area?
I noticed/(caught?) alternate Roxborough, S of Denver??
Had friends who lived in the 3rd house built next to the flatirons there:) NICE people, REALLY cool area:)
Rock on Chris, and Happy Holidays!
Chris Downey 23rd Dec 2015 edit delete reply
Chris Downey
Wait, there's an actual Roxborough in Colorado? I, uh, honestly had no idea... I picked a name for a town that sounded Midwestern enough to plausibly be in Colorado. Wow, that's quite a coincidence! Looks like I did a good job in picking a town name, huh? I live in central New York, btw.
And I'm glad you liked the comic! Thanks a bunch for reading it, and if you liked it, tell your friends! Happy holidays to you, too. I've got another update coming tomorrow, so you've got an early Christmas present to look forward to.